Will you protect them?

Do you want to walk for a good cause in the company of other animal lovers and supporters of the Montreal SPCA? Join us at the Snout and About event, the largest dog walk in Montreal!

Register today and take the first step towards stopping injustice and animal cruelty!

Display your pride as an advocate for our loyal furry friends as part of a relaxed and fun-filled day for everyone, with or without your four-legged buddy!

Share the news with your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors, and start fundraising today!

You’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping the Montreal SPCA protecting animals in need and that you’ll be supporting our inspections team as they relentlessly save animals from cruelty. 

The animals saved by the Montreal SPCA thank you!



Fundraising Manual for the Montreal SPCA’s Snout and About 
Montreal SPCA’s Snout and About Pledge Form
Fundraising Ideas for the Workplace